Montevideo | Punta del Este | Colonia y Carmelo

The “it” beach spot
Those who spend New Year’s Eve and the first half of January in this tiny outlet to sea can say that they’ve got the golden ticket. The most exclusive sands in South America have had so much press in the last few years that even European and North American jet-setters travel long distances to enjoy this peninsula.

“Punta”, as it’s usually called, can brag about its diversity of beaches: while the ones facing the Rio de la Plata are on the “mansa” (tame) side, surfers and others in search of waves head in the opposite direction, towards the “brave” (wild) shore.

Late December and January bring out Punta’s vibrant personality: every day, there’s a party to go to, a great restaurant to eat at, another event to attend. When the hectic capitals of the region are deserted, it’s because people are making the most of their stay in the so-called Monaco of South America.

However, with its endless beaches, chic hotels and luxurious villas, it’s still a perfect family and friends holiday destination for those seeking peaceful and quiet quality downtime.
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