Montevideo | Punta del Este | Colonia y Carmelo

Experience history in the flesh
Anyone who’s curious about what these parts looked like back in the day need look no further. Founded in 1680 by Portuguese conquerors, its narrow streets and trademark architecture have gained its center the title of UNESCO heritage site.

A couple of museums provide solid information about the history of this sought-after port city: Spanish and Portuguese crowns had fought over it for years before the West Band –as Uruguay was called at the time- declared its independence. A jewel for photographers and poets, Colonia offers a modest range of activities and restaurants and it’s not unusual to come here by ferry from Buenos Aires just for the day.

An hour’s drive from Colonia, Carmelo is the perfect spot by the river. The charm of this small town prevails well after having adapted to its booming tourism industry. Indulge in wine tasting, play golf, go horseback riding on the beach or enjoy more than a glimpse of the early years of this country during a visit to Colonial del Sacramento.

Comfort, kayaking and other water activities, and the serenity of its forest allow for a wonderful relaxing time on the shore of the Uruguay river.
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