Montevideo | Punta del Este | Colonia y Carmelo
“It is the perfect republic: the sense of emancipation experienced in it by the wandeder of the Old World is indescribably sweet and novel.”
William Hudson, The Purple Land, 1904
 While Uruguay may be known world wide for Punta del Este, the so-called Monaco of South America, there’s more to this modest sized republic than meets the eye. A popular travel destination for the Argentinean and Brazilian elite, in the last years, it’s become a magnet for those from every corner of the world who expect a chic relaxed finale for any trip.

The appeal of the strong, silent type
Where the Pampas meet the ocean… Experience sophistication in Punta del Este, the facilities of a fast growing capital in Montevideo, travel in time when in Colonia del Sacramento and relax in style in Carmelo.

Just when you thought you’d tried everything South America has to offer, this tiny country, with a little over three million inhabitants, proves that the best things do come in small packages.
You’ll see a blend of identities here due to the influence of its two giant neighbors, Argentina and Brazil. However, Uruguayans have a personality of their own and are well known for their friendliness and relaxed attitude, and you’ll surely spot more than one of them with a thermos under their arm, ready to drink some mate and to offer you one as well.

Flight time & Distances from Santiago to main destinations
Flight Time
45 mins
203 km
3 hrs
Colonia del Sacramento
Private only
216 km
1 hr
Private only
300 km
3 hrs
Punta del Este
1 hr
113 km
3hrs + 1,5 hr

Weather & When to Go
Because one of Uruguay’s main attractions is its beaches, visitors pack its coast during the Southern summer, with January as the peak of its high season. Temperatures are template and great for a day of fun in the sun (28C/83F), but it can get cold and humid during the winter months both in cities by the sea as well as inland (6C/43F). Abundant sunshine and regular showers throughout the year contribute to good weather conditions overall. Think twice about Punta for Xmas and New Year’s holidays – unless you do want to experience international jet set glam with a Latin American twist at St Barth’s prices. Rates drop considerably after mid January.
A warm coat can’t be recommended enough to the ones who visit this peninsula in autumn or winter. Though a lot of people have moved here permanently in recent years, it will be practically deserted – with great rate opportunities for the meeting industry.

Infrastructure & Services
Although its has developed a lot in the last years, Uruguay is pretty low key compared to other countries in the region, which helps Montevideo be a modern city with a small town feel to it. The national route system is stunning for a country this small and makes self driving the ideal alternative to move around provided you speak some Spanish.

Punta del Este is the place to be for the party people as well as families and couples with peace and quiet in mind. It is also a great location for premium meetings and incentives or golf events, featuring stunning small luxury hotels ideal for a buy out.
Colonia del Sacramento combines a modest atmosphere with high end accommodation, so you’ll find the best of both worlds in this port city.

Punta del Este and Montevideo cater to speakers of foreign languages with no problem. In the East of the country, most people understand or speak Portuguese. When it comes to English, it is not Uruguay’s strongest suit, but locals will do their best to assist you.

General Facts
Total surface
Continental surface
Literacy Rate
Boundering Countries
176,220 km²
175,020 km²
50% Christians, most secular nation in the Americas.
Presidential republic
Brazil (North), Argentina (West)
Montevideo | Punta del Este | Colonia y Carmelo
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