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Salta & The Northwest: Humahuaca Gorge Landscape Heritage
Incredible contrasts -from impenetrable jungles home to endemic bird species to the inhospitable Puna plateau– turn the Northwest of Argentina into an amazing destination worth staying at for –at least– 3 nights.

Adobe villages and small Jesuit chapels spread along unpaved roads and sacred valleys, heritage of the pre-Columbian cultures. Andean volcanoes once sanctuary of the Incas, vast salt flats, giant cacti and patches of vineyards nestling the fruity local torrontés wine…or the smell of local empanadas… Food and wine are not a minor part of this land where you can still see red peppers drying under the sun, listen to colorful folk music and participate in local celebrations.

Indigenous camelids as llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, the unique textile crafts made with their soft wool, the incredible views when driving from Salta to Cachi, biking across the jungle from Tucuman to Tafi… or just relaxing and enjoying our Southern sky, which seems nearer and clearer than anywhere else.
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