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Iguazú National Park
Right on the limit between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazú means “Big Waters” in the Guaraní Indian language. These are probably the most overwhelming falls in the world. Their height is greater than that of the Niagara’s by approximately 70 feet and their width by one half: 275 waterfalls plunging over a 250 ft. precipice into the mysterious Devil’s Throat gorge, wrapped in a dense cloud of mist. The water plunges at a rate of 6,000 cubic feet per second.

The Argentine Iguazú National Park embraces a large area of 55,000 hectares of subtropical rain forest, with more than 2,000 identified plant species, as well as indigenous mammals and reptiles. The fauna includes the black howler monkey, capybara, jaguar and puma, along with a huge variety of birds and butterflies.

The falls have a very easy access through a network of solid catwalks which allow visitors to explore them from multiple angles. Activities range from an adventurous approach to the water by boat to birdwatching, biking, kayaking or just relaxing in the shade with your favorite book.
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