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The Mecca of Inspiration
Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city full of life. It’s a unique blend of Europe and South America. The eighth largest city in the world, located along the shore of the River Plate, it is also well known for its brilliant sun that shines more days a year than in any comparable city in the Northern hemisphere.

Called the “Paris of South America”, it’s a world leader in food and wines, seduces with its passionate tango music and world known soccer.

One thing that surprises travelers is that Buenos Aires is massive. With one in every three Argentineans living here, different styles and interests abound. From chic to bohemian to classic and exotic, there’s such a variety of stimuli that visitors will be tempted to come back for more.

For those with a knack for architecture, there’s a feast for the eyes on every corner, every balcony, every building featuring a medley of styles. Sophistication and classic lines meet the latest trends and historical buildings. The soul of Buenos Aires is present in uncountable works of art, songs and pieces of writing – it’s undeniably a source of inspiration.

All year round, art remains center stage. With excellent permanent exhibitions and much anticipated events such as arteBA; as well as a rich and thriving theater offer, culture lives an eternal high season in this city that never sleeps. Apart from the world renowned Colón Opera House, well stocked book stores and other low profile gems will keep you in awe.

Fashionistas will feel at home in trendy Palermo, where local designers showcase some of the best creations in the region. BAF (Buenos Aires Fashion) Week serves as a magnet for local and foreign professionals in this line of business and the importance of the city with regards to this industry grows season after season.

And if you want a quick getaway, the picturesque Delta or a day at an Argentine estancia are a wonderful way to enjoy nature, history, and traditions of our beautiful country and its people.
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